“don’t wait for holiday to order a cake”

Defidu Cake Studio is a young pastry brand with modern philosophy. We experiment in creating vibrant cakes without using artificial colors or ingredients. Amazing taste - is the minimum requirement for every our product. With a unique design, we want to show the richness of the filling - after all, each of our cake has at least 5 different layers. Aesthetics for us is a mandatory feature that supports the taste properties.

"..Three years ago I started baking cakes myself as I couldn't find ones that suited me on the market. Thus started my creative process. After long experiments with classic recipes and my own ideas, I realized I wanted to share my desserts with the whole world.."



What our

clients say

Glad I trusted you with the choice of filling and design, as I ended up very pleased with the result! Impressions and memories of the cake were the most pleasant). Laconic, modern and beautiful design. Inside there was an interesting combination of sweet and sour layers. The aftertaste was light and pleasant, without heaviness in the stomach or nausea from a fat cream, which is often the case in birthday cakes. Thank you very much again!

Katerina, Prague

There were more guests than expected - so they ate the cake to the tiniest! Delicious! Happy my social instinct brought me to your Instagram!  You are a dream pastry chef for the demanding "not-so-sweet-tooth" I am. Also, the gold decor perfectly matched my love for precious metals.

 Marina, Prague